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Crow with berry

An original hand-built ceramic composition totem,

finished and ready to ship today.
measures 33" tall

This glossy black Crow is standing atop of a lime green globe covered with swirls and plenty of whimsy. He has a red wooden cherry in his mouth with with lime coated wire stem. Bright colorful ceramic additions include; 2 different cacti, 2 different flowers, globes, balls, and disks all with different hand-painted swirlys, dots and stripes!
10 pieces can be stacked in any configuration. They are sold as a set of pieces that you can display in a variety of settings, center rod is not included, available at most home improvement or hardware stores.

measures --
total 33" tall x 10-11" wide 
Crow on top (including green ball) is 11" tall x 11" wide
middle rabbit ear cactus is 11" tall x 9" wide

bottom sajaro cactus is 12½" tall x 10" wide
others striped, dots and colored balls are 2-5"

These original ceramic Totems are hand-built from low-fire clay using slab construction. They are fired to a bisque temperature, then glazed and fired again to a colorful waterproof finish that will not fade in sunlight.

For the most part they are weatherproof, with the exception of hail. I have several that have been outside in my garden for more than 3 years, “planted” under a huge pine tree. While they have been buried under snow & rain, I’m sure that the tree has sheltered them from the hail. **that said, I would recommend bringing them inside for inclimate seasons relative to your area. 

Outdoor installation suggestions -- drive a section re-bar or tomato stake deep into the ground and stack the pieces (you can stack them the way that I have in the photo or make your own arrangement) 

Indoor (or patio) installation suggestions --  the pots that I used for the display photos are filled with concrete around a garden-variety tomato stake (easily obtained from any home improvement store)


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